Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Blog awards? That's a thing?

Apparently so, since the lovely Courtney Hope over at just a little mishap has deemed me worthy of such an award (i.e. blog chain letter with prestige attached).

In response, I have been asked to post seven facts about myself... so here goes:

Fact 1: In 5th grade, I was a card-carrying member of the Mariah Carey Fan Club and wrote her regularly. If she had responded, perhaps I could have dissuaded her from joining the Glitter cast.

Fact 2: When I was very young, my mom kept a stack of Dolly Parton CDs under the stereo. I would thumb through the booklets and look at all the pictures when she cleaned the house. This greatly skewed my expectations of puberty.

Fact 3: I had to give a public apology to my entire kindergarten class because, for six months, I told them my name was pronounced "Rachelle."

Fact 4: One of my college roommates refers to me as "Sir William" because when I let my hair air-dry, I closely resemble Mel Gibson in Braveheart. Don't be jealous.

Fact 5: I'm double-jointed in my elbows and occasionally use this trick to frighten small children.

Fact 6: I played piano competitively for 9 years. It was literally just me and a sea of Asian kids. I also had a short stint on the robotics team and went to an advanced math center after school. Again, lost among the Asians.

Fact 7: There is nobody I wouldn't stab to get close to John Krasinski. When I heard he was engaged, I began constructing an Emily Blunt-shaped voodoo doll...

DiFi, passing this off to you at The Cup is Half Full?

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  1. I love it- I already wrote my post for the day, but I'll think about my top 7 for tomorrow!!




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