Thursday, February 18, 2010

Me gusta español

If it's true that most people's writing is reflective of their experiences, I want to be the author of a Spanish textbook... based on the example sentences alone.

Who wouldn't want to live like those folks?!  I mean, they practically reside at the discoteca... that is, when they're not busy sitting around in el café assigning genders to words.  Occasionally they swing by la biblioteca, but it's probably just because they need a quiet place to nurse their hangovers so they can rally for the evening's fiesta.  Why get a job when you can just lounge around in el parque giving directions to the bathrooms all day?  The constant memory loss, coupled with frequent hamburguesa and papas fritas cravings, lead me to wonder what they're really buying at el mercado.

But, occasionally, you glimpse the darker side.  One of my college Spanish textbooks used the sentence "I'm going to kidnap a woman" as an example of the future tense.  Oh really, Pablo?  I guess I missed the chapter where you stopped strolling along la playa long enough to develop a Grande Theft Auto addiction.  Dónde están la policía when you need them...


  1. They do seem to lead a charmed life, with their animals that don't speak Chinese and such.

  2. this link made me think of your post:



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