Monday, February 22, 2010

Life lesson of the day:

If the Chinatown bus you are riding is named 
"Double Happiness", 
you shouldn't expect happiness - 
even in its singular form.  
As a matter of fact, you may just find yourself 
double crowded 
by a doubled over snoring man
with a double chin
who should have purchased
a double seat.

Next time, you should just pay double fare and ride the Amtrak.


  1. take the megabus

    it's awesome and clean and on time and leaves at all hours and super cheap :)

  2. Not going to name names, but someone told you to take the Bolt Bus.

  3. So as an avid commuter between Baltimore and NYC I can 100% agree that the double happiness bus is not happy. Not. One. Bit.

    (I can say that both Megabus and Bolt Bus are fine choices. If you would like a pro/con list I can shoot one out for your readers).

  4. Thanks for the tips, all. I'm mega-grateful...

  5. Double bad choice Rachel, the Bolt Bus is awsome, lets you off at Penn Station and has internet. Makes it great for lesson planning... which I guess you don't have to do anymore.

  6. Tracey J. and I took this same bus from NYC to DC back in March 2009. Let's just say the trip ended with a woman yelling at me in Chinese and tears. Lots of tears...

    Although I couldn't understand the lady--whatever she said really hurt my feelings.



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