Thursday, February 11, 2010

Are your desserts gender-neutral?

I wonder why the spongy, espresso-soaked cakes in tiramisu are called "ladyfingers." Based on the girth of the biscuit, it would seem more appropriate to call them manfingers. Or were all the women in the bakery where tiramisu was first created on the husky side? Goodness knows I would be morbidly obese if I worked in an Italian bakery... I can barely make it through the ice cream aisle at Safeway without causing Ben & Jerry's stock to go up (they call it "The Rachel Effect".) Or is it a sexist thing? As a society, perhaps we are more comfortable depriving ladies of their fingers than their male counterparts. After all, one can knead the dough and wash the dishes without those pesky appendages turning the pages of books and filling the little woman's head with all sorts of dangerous tomfoolery.

In the end, it doesn't make one speck of difference to me. They could change the name of tiramisu's key ingredient to "Neanderthal toes" and I would still eat too much of it at dinner...

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